09.24.06 evaluation

exchange 9.24.06

1. I Love You Lord (alt)
Imagine video – multimedia
Welcome/ann/prayer – Jack
I know what you did last Summer – Jack interviews 3 students
Blessed Life #3 – Scot
1. Breathing the Breath
2. You Alone
3. Give us Clean Hands
4. We Fall Down
5. All to You
6. No One Like You
7. It is You
Dismissal – Shawn
Band instrumental

Worship was led vocally by Shawn Wallace. After rehearsal, Shawn tweaked the line up and made it flow nicely. He did a great job of leading and I was able to sit in as part of the band and not lead. A different but refreshing role. Our imagine video was a promo for our Imagine campaign (a stewardship focus). Funny video. The videos (series) have been ending with text and no audio for effect, but I wonder how well it works. Maybe some audio would be a stronger end.

Jack interviewed 4 college students who spent the summer in Pennsylvania, Cairo, and Thailand. It was a great piece to continually set the culture that we are about serving the cause of Christ locally and globally. During the middle of Jack’s interview a strange buzzing noise was heard. It was my cell phone. It was on my music stand, set on vibrate. Jack answered it and made some comment about my Mom calling me. Stuff like that just keeps it all real. Exchange isn’t about slick production as much as it is just 500 friends sitting around a really big living room.

The teaching was on the spirit of money and trusting God with everything. Breathing the Breath was a great song to transition. The timing is a little weird, but it is a good change from the normal 4/4. We will keep using it and see if people latch onto it.

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