18 Years with Mariah

I remember bringing you home from the hospital 18 years ago. You were small, and cute, and awesome. Your Mom and I began a life of teaching you things. Things like how to crawl, eat, pick up after yourself, go potty on your own (finally), how to drive, date, and laugh.  Mom and I knew that we would have much to teach you.  What we didn’t realize was that you would have much to teach us.  Thing like . . .

  • How to treat people the way Christ would (even when they beat you down).
  • How to laugh at ourselves (I love that you can laugh at yourself).
  • That girls can love cars (my little Mustang girl).
  • That no matter your age, you can live in Christian community, follow Christ, and serve in his cause. You are a tremendous example of what it means to give your life back to your creator.
  • That being a Dad is one of the greatest joys in the world.

I cannot imagine life without you.  I am proud to be your Dad.

Thanks for the life lessons along the way.  I am sure you have many more lessons to teach us.  I’ll be honest, it has been a great deal of work being your parents for the last 18 years, but we would do it all again in a heartbeat.  You are an amazing young woman and I am excieted to see you continue to dominate your world.  Keep doing what you are doing.  I’ll be the old guy in the back taking notes.

I love you,



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One thought on “18 Years with Mariah

  1. We love you too Mariah!!  I pray a lot of Dad’s that are reading these posts for your daughter’s realize the importance of blessing their own daughter’s (and sons). Your example of freely, transparently, sharing your love with your children, is awesome. God bless you Scot, for being such a great Pastor, Dad, Husband, man.  You give all of us something to work towards. “God bless you real good.”