Preparing for a 20 hours of flying

The countdown to Africa is on.  Justin and I will leave July 9.  We will be joining a few other US Pastors to teach at a National Pastors Conference in Uganda.  (The conference is sponsored by the Pastor’s Discipleship Network).  These African Pastors are my heros.  I can’t wait to meet them.

Once we are done with the conference, Justin is heading home and I will be traveling to the Congo.  In Congo I will meet up with Ed and Brenda Buell where I will be teaching in some of the churches that Ed and Brenda work with.

A trip like this requires much preparation.  In order to help us train for what lies ahead, we brought in travel guru Willy T Chesterson.  Enjoy.


Willy’s Ultimate Travel Challenge from Maryland Community Church on Vimeo.

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7 thoughts on “Preparing for a 20 hours of flying

  1. Fun video…although I think you completely overestimated the amount of room you will really have.  lol   I look forward to meeting you…and up with you in DC next week.  I can’t wait for the trip!!!!!  🙂 – Anna <

  2. I have you guys beat on height/weight ratio.  Wish I could sleep on command like my husband can – that life skill would come in handy. And should I bring my kazoo for the flight?  See you in DC!  – Sherry