8.27.06 Evaluation

 Exchange Line up for Aug 28.


1. Obsession

Welcome/ann – Jack

High School powerpoint/music

Tim – debrief PP, pray for students, etc

Faith #4 – Scot interview Jody, Jen, John Scot finishes teaching

Shawn – comm./off/ws/pr team/pray

  1. Jesus, Lover of My Soul
  2. You Alone
  3. All Creatures
  4. You are the One
  5. Take my Life song words as backup, Guat crash video
  6. O Come Let Us Adore Him song words as backup, Guat crash video
  7. Make a Joyful Noise (start w/ bridge)
  8. Let the Praises Ring

Dismissal – Scot

Band instrumental


Extra: Sing Lord Sing, Facedown, O Sacred King

My evaluation:

“Obsession” is one of my all-time favorite songs but maybe a bit low energy to kick the gathering off. It didn’t bring much push going into the welcome and announcement time. The powerpoint video from the High Schoolers was good in that it gave some promo to the ministry, but could have used some more action/mission shots. Teaching was rushed but the interview in the middle was the highlight (props to Jen, Jody, and John).

The worship space on stage worked well and several people came up and wrote a prayer or a promise to God stating that they would put faith in action this week and reach out to someone around them.

Shawn Wallace put together a killer photostory of the Guat trip that we ran under “Take My Life” and “O Come Let us Adore Him.” We have never done that but it was a great touch and we did not seem to loose people during it. I was watching to see if they sat down like it was “video time.” They stayed up and engaged. The transition to “Joyful Noise” worked well but we had to forgo the 1st verse because once we rocked, the arrangement didn’t work going back down to vs 1. It felt awkward going into the bridge (“Runnin’ thru the forest”). That part of the song has always felt rushed to me and I don’t know that all the people keep up with that part.

Not sure that “All Creatures” really fit the flow much.

“Let the Praises Ring” was a great closer, especially with the 2nd verse speaking of exactly what we talked about. All in all, not a bad night, and I was stoked to be back!

For a full audio version of the teaching, check out the sites and sound page at the exchange site.

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