Africa Overview

Justin Hoeppner and I will be travelling to Uganda Africa in July. While there we will be teaching and leading worship at a National Pastor’s Conference sponsored by the Pastor’s Discipleship Network (PDN). PDN is headed up by our great friend Richmond Wandera. The conference has such poularity that Pastors from other parts of Africa are coming as well. They have had to cap the registrations at 500.

I am honored to be part of this conference. The average African pastor works a “normal” job and oversees a church in his spare time. These churches are typically under-resourced, but high on passion and energy. I am told that when many churches start, they gather a small group of people, find the person in the group that has been a Christian the longest and appoint him as Pastor. Many times they lack training and support.  They are my heros. The National Pastor’s Conference is designed to give them some much needed traning, support, resources, and encouragement.

Our trip to Uganda will consist of planning meetings with the conference staff, the conference itself, evaluation sessions, construction on a school, visit to a Compassion International project, and much more. At the end of our time in Uganda, Justin will return to the US. I will then travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo. While there I will spend time with MCC mission partners Ed and Brenda Buell. Ed and Brenda have been in Congo much of their life. They are tremendous people working with various churches in some of the harshest conditions around.  While there I will be speaking in some churches as well as visiting Tracy’s Heart. Tracy’s Heart is a ministry for rape victims and is overseen by Ed and Brenda. This ministry was developed in memory of Tracy Miner. Tracy was a member of MCC and my youth leader when I was in Middle and High school.

How can I pray?

  1. Pray that the Pastors in this conference would meet God in a strong way.
  2. Pray that Justin and I would be safe AND dangerous.
  3. Pray for our families. Justin will be gone for 17 days. I will be gone 25. We have never left our families this long.
  4. Pray for the people of MCC. Pray that we would all find our niche in the cause of Christ.

What can I do besides pray?

  1. Be part of MCC every week in July. We are exploring the cause of Christ in detail, including teaching on the Cause, updates from Africa, a Compassion International Sunday, special prayer room hours, a prayer guide, opportunities to serve Terre Haute, and much more.
  2. Spread the word. We want everyone to experience Africa with us. Because of that, we are making our best effort to stay in touch through social media. To keep up on the latest info follow check out the blogs here and here, or follow us on facebook (Scot, Justin).


  • July 9: Indy – Washington DC – Ethiopia – Kampala, Uganda (arriving July 10)
  • July 10-13: Planning Sessions
  • July 14 – 16: National Pastor’s Conference
  • July  17 – Church
  • July 18: Evaluation with team
  • July 19-20: Construction at Children’s school
  • July 21: Rest day at the source of the Nile
  • July 22: Beach day at Lake Victoria
  • July 23: Visit Compassion International Project
  • July 24: Justin departs for USA. (Uganda – Ethiopia – DC – indy)  Scot to Kigali, Rwanda (overnight in Kigali)
  • July 25: Justin arrives USA.  Scot  Kigali, Rwanda to Kamembe Rwanda to Congo
  • July 26 – 31: Congo
  • Aug 1:  Kamembe – Kigali – Ethiopia – DC – Indy
  • Aug 2:  Scot arrives Indy

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