Amber the Elf

Every year Steph and I host the annual Exchange Musician’s Christmas Party.  It is always a great time to get together and celebrate the holiday and another year of serving. 

This year we themed the party after the movie Elf (starring Will Farrell).  It was over the top.  Family pictures in our frames were replaced with pictures of Buddy and his friends.  A giant arctic puffin greeted the team.  Santa even showed up and offered some presents like an Etch-a-Sketch, candy canes, candy corns, and of course, syrup. Note:  it wasn’t the real Santa.  He was an imposter.  He sat on a throne of lies and smelled like beef and cheese.

One of our team members, Jennie Rich, showed up with her favorite desert: pop tarts, marshmallows, syrup, m&m’s, candy corn, and spaghetti.  Amber decided to take a bite and wash it down.  Yea, sometimes it gets weird.

Syrup Chug-A-Lug on Vimeo

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3 thoughts on “Amber the Elf

  1. I’m dissapointed in Amber. In all of our time as friends there should be one thing she learned and that should be the art of eating, particularly wierd/disgusting foods. I am from this day forward disowning Amber as a friend until she can take a bite of that spaghetti and chug the syrup all in one mouth full.

    Next time, call in a pro. Never leave a work like that to the amatuers! haha