Here are some possible ways I can partner with you:

The most popular presentations (teachings/sermons) are:
1.  From The Tree (an intense look at the last words of Christ from the Cross).

  • There are 7 teachings in the From the Tree series.  You can choose one teaching or multiple teachings to be presented over the  course of retreat or conference.

2.  Sex: How Far Can We Go?
3.  Lust:  Killing the Rodent (an honest look at Porn)

These presentations can be during your normal teaching/preaching times on a Sunday, or during any event (conference, retreat, workshop, etc) you desire.

Immersion Experience
The Immersion Experience is a 1.5 to 2 hour blend of teaching, media, worship, and prayer.  During worship, the audience prays in several locations around the room, spending time singing, praying, and listening to God.  This can be set up as a stand alone event or as a part of your retreat or conference.  Practical resources are available to encourage a daily quiet time beyond the experience.

Worship Leading
As always, I am available to lead worship for your event.  I continue to lead worship gatherings (1) solo (2) with a small acoustic band, (3) a full band or (4) with your musicians.  I adapt according to what would be most beneficial to you.

Pricing varies based on several factors (travel, event length, etc).  Send me a note by clicking here.  Include the details of your event and I can put together a quote for you.

If you have any other questions, let me know!

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