Christmas Eve Promo

image We just finished shooting some promo video for our Christmas Eve services.  I don’t want to give it away, but let’s just say that Santa costume + elf costume + Jack + Scot = comedy. 

That’s right kiddies, Jack and Scot are back on the big screen, thanks to the video genius of Scott Telle.  All in the name of getting your friends to MCC on Christmas eve.  Game on.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Promo

  1. This is a great Promo! Good job Telle!! Also good job office staff even though I miss seeing Youngblood and his reactions!! This is classic Jack and Scot, I sure do miss it! Well have a good holiday with your family and remembering what Christmas is really about….it's not worth spending the money. And that is what Jon and I are not doing this year we are not spending any money…and we both think this is the best becuase you can really focus on what Christmas is about.