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25 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello brother Scot, I hope the Lord has been blessing you richly. I am contacting you to ask you if you have any studies on prayer, pray in warfare, and how to use it. The matterial you sent me has helped me so much to put the book I have be reading in a Sunday morning Bible study, and the book is called Not a Fan. I thankyou so much for all you and your ministry do, and pray for God to continue to bless and direct you.

  2. Hello Pastor Scot, my family and I are new at MCC, but on our very first night there, you took the time to approach myself and my boys in the bookstore after your sermon, and that really meant a lot to me. You may think I’m just a part timer, but I’m actually a single mom that works a full time factory job, and unfortunately my schedule includes every other Sunday. I want you to know that in the short time my boys and I have been coming to MCC you’ve made me feel very welcome, the boys haven’t missed a Wednesday or a Sunday since, and I am thrilled that I can follow along and watch the sermons I miss due to work. I logged in to see if there were any updates on your daughter tonight and I don’t see any, I will continue to pray for her healing and I do hope she is getting better. My life has been missing quite a bit, for a long time….I would very much like to become more involved with the church. I look forward to being back next Sunday, and I do hope your family is well.

  3. Just want you to know…..have my sister’s church here in town,,,and also churches in Houston and New Orleans…praying for you and Maddy..I will be fasting today…and may expand that later ..I wish I could help you carry this ….love t

  4. Scott, hey I wanted to thank you for teaching me yesterday how to life journal. I have been in ministry full time for 15 years now and how you described yourself for 15 years of leading worship and trying to do devotionals was exactly I mean exactly how I have been. I have years and years of devotionals that I have started and never ever finished or made it very long at that. I’m excited to start using this method of spending time in Gods word and listening to his voice. Thank you for your honesty and your heart. Means allot. really does.
    Thank you.

    HL McConnell

  5. Hi Pator Scott,
    I want to tell you that I really apprecite your ‘fresh’ approach to God’s word and your minitry! Yesterday your message was so on target that I could hardly constrain myself from jumping out of my seat a shouting yes! YES! YES!
    When you spoke how it is not about our works but His work on Calvary, not about our trying to be good anough but about his goodness to us and the whole message that the righteous are justified by faith in Jesus Christ, I just wanted to give you a hug and thank you for the message. We love your sense of humor, too.
    Thank you for your work and ministry for the Lord!!!

    • Scott
      Just wanted to recommend E M Bounds book. “The Necessity of Prayer”. I found this book to be awesome!

      You may have already rad it. Your sermon last week make me think of it. Sounded like you had read it already.

      Keep up. The great ministry!


  6. I heard the word of the day on wbgl in St. Louis. The word was exhaust. Can you tell me the bible verse you quoted? Thank you

  7. Hi Scot! Sat front and center in your Effective Worshi Leadership class at Experience. I’d love a PDF of your book. Also have a question. Which app or program did you use for your whiteboard presentation with the cartoon in your message? Thanks, and best wishes!

  8. Hi there! I just stepped out of your session at experience conference. I am working in the exhibit hall for Indiana Wesleyan Seminary and we had our lunch at noon. I loved what we were learning but I missed the second half of “v” and all of “e”! I’d really appreciate if you could send me info. I would also love to hear more about your life journaling and your book. Thanks so much!

    Tammie Buchanan

  9. Hey Scot!
    Thanks so much for your leading at Experience! I still have your three points: Jesus is on time, Jesus is present and Jesus is supreme. The word I needed this week… supreme.
    I would love a pdf of your book. Thanks again and may God continue to lead you in leadership.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed your message and your workshop on effective worship leadership at the Experience Conference. I would love to take take you up on your generous offer of the free download of Worship Leading Essentials.

    Thank you so much.

  11. Hi, I was just wondering if you guys stopped sharing yuh our ScotsDaily word post, I have not got it since the post Prestochango, in the beginning of May 2018.

    We really love it and would love to continue getting it if your still doing it please??

    • Hi Sheryl. The words have not posted the last couple weeks. Debating if we will continue to post them online/text or via radio only. Will let you know!

  12. Hi Scot!

    I attended the Experience conference last week and you mentioned if we would email you, that you would be so kind as to send a pdf copy of your book Worship Leading Essentials!

    thank you so very much!
    Felecia Blackmon

    PS – also, I bought a copy of your new book Soul Coma, and I must say I absolutely loved your baseball story… it was hilarious and heartwarming all at the same time! Be blessed!