Easter 2013: Shadows, Rap, and The Real Deal

Here is a clip from the Easter Gathering at Maryland Community Church.  I could hardly contain myself on Sunday when this song hit.  It’s a great song, but that’s not what got me pumped.  What lit me up was the people behind the song.  I know most of the crew that put together our Easter experience.  I know their stories. I know their struggles.  I know their imperfections.  I know their love of God.  I know their pursuit of Christ.   I know that they are the real deal.  When they play, sing, design stage, run graphics, rap, call video shots, or mix, I know they are not just filling a role.  They are doing and saying what they actually believe.  Let me say that again.  They are doing and saying what they actually believe.  When people pour out what they actually believe, there is tremendous power.

Here then, is a peek at some of my broken friends telling like it is, living it like it is.  Enjoy.




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One thought on “Easter 2013: Shadows, Rap, and The Real Deal

  1. I’ve had many shadows. My body is wasting away and being pieced together day by day. I’m going for more metal in my spine. I’m working toward “woman of titanium”. Through the rough childhood and a life of illness where more and more of my “physical doing” has been taken away, God continues to restore me as a “human being”. Because God walked with the shadows with me all my life, I trust Him for His purpose for the shadows now and yet to come. Praise the Lord for His mighty work in the shadows. Like Job, we can be a testimony to the heavenlies and to satan that we will not turn our backs on God but continue to trust Him and His purposes.