Ever felt accused?


For the accuser of our brothers,
who accuses them before our God day and night,
      has been hurled down.
11They overcame him
      by the blood of the Lamb
      and by the word of their  testimony;

   they did not love their lives so much
      as to shrink from death.
12Therefore rejoice, you heavens
      and you who dwell in them! – Rev 12

Satan is an accuser.  He stands before God and accuses followers day and night. What does he accuse me of?  Do his accusations have any merit?  When God hears his words, are there any truth that he speaks about me?  Do I give him cause to substantiate his claims? 

How can I fight against such a thing?

1.  The death of Christ on the cross

2.  My speech concerning what God has done for me

Along the way, I can take comfort in knowing . . .

1Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, . . . – Rom 8:1

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One thought on “Ever felt accused?

  1. Hi Scot,
    We met at Ken Davis' Summit a while back. Anyway, just wanted to say great post!! I also have to say that I love how much thought you provoke with very few words. I can see that some of that is your ability to write effectively…I can see that most of it is your willingness to allow the Lord to guide your words. This is a very powerful post!