Fast: Day 4

Today I begin day 4.  I am told that somewhere around this time the body has released a bunch of toxins and you begin to feel better.  I have yet to hit that, but am looking forward to it.

I spent some morning time in reading and prayer in a pretty relaxed pace.  A nice change.  Last night at church we had a worship and prayer time.  Just a simple and laid back time to pray and sing.  It was pretty low energy – understandably.  Thanks to my pal Shawn for leading with me as well as my friend Nate Brown for kicking out some smooth tones on the cello.

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4 thoughts on “Fast: Day 4

  1. Scot,

    I have been pretty intrigued by your comments. It is amazing how even the simple things take on a new meaning or something so “ordinary” as a night of worship and prayer take on a diff pace.

    I have appreciated your approach to this fast. Some think only of food. I admire your daughter as she gives up TV. I read the comments from the Rose students who have given up video games. Here is a thought I read yesterday and used today in my journaling: Psalm 101:2b-3. “I will walk with integrity of heart within my house; I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless.” Now those are words to ponder! The constant barrage of media hype and junk challenges the believer like perhaps nothing else does. I would like to hear your comments on these verses as well as other people’s.

  2. WOW 🙂
    Monday: BAD, Real Bad…Hunger
    pains, burning pains, etc. I also went to Kroger for juice, bad idea.
    Tuesday: Went by fast, I dont even remember! :o)
    Wednesday: Great, definetly not as bad as Monday! Then night hit. I was at worship: dizzy, burning, light headed, I thought I was going to pass out or get sick. Then I asked for strength and I continued the night and worked.
    Headaches have come and gone!
    Today: Fantastic!!! My roommate ate in front of me…Thanks 😉 But it is getting easier, I barely noticed!

    A lot of people are breaking their fast. 🙁 I am trying to stay strong!. My other roommate is also fasting from food. This is a great accountablilty partner for me. We keep each other strong and encourage each other. We have told each other that if we have made it this far, we are going all the way!

    I just wanted to tell you to be stong and hang in there. The pains are crazy, and seeing food stinks; but stay strong! It has gotten easier I think. You are in my prayers.

    I also wanted to tell you “Thank You!” I have grown so much closer to God during this time. I have also learned more about my strengths and weaknesses! I would have never thought about fasting for a WEEK! God has taught me a lot this week!

    I will keep you in my prayers(which are many these days because of hunger);)

    Stay Strong

    O…whatever you do, DO NOT GO TO KROGER! It’s a killer! 🙂

  3. Scot,

    Keep it up man, you are doing great. Thanks for pointing me to the forum as well, it’s been such a hectic week I forgot all about it. Rose is on break so I won’t be gracing you with my shining face this weekend, but I’ll be with you all in thought and prayer. Keep it up everybody.


    Thank you for your words of encouragement as well. It has taken me this week of cutting this media out of my life that I’ve realized just how much it can have an effect on your life.

  4. Heavenly Father, thank You for this time where we can keep our mind and eyes focused on You. Thank You that we can get to know You even more through weakness, instead of just casting us aside. Thank You for looking at the world the way it was meant to be, and for the upside-down Kingdom. Thank You for everything. Please bless Scot, eXchange, and everyone else fasting around the world right now with strength. Help us to finish strong for You, Lord! As I read last night:

    “Wisdom is not primarily knowing the truth, although it certainly includes that; it is skill in living. For, what good is a truth if we don’t know how to live it? What good is an intention if we can’t sustain it?”

    So Father, help us to sustain it and live wise lives in the way of living that abundant life You came to give us! Thank You, Father. May we praise Your Name and become weak to make You supreme. Amen.