Fishin’ with dynamite



I think most of us dream of being part of something bigger than ourselves. Something beyond ourselves. Something bigger than we could accomplish. Something other-worldly. Something . . .God. If there ever was a doubt that we are in the middle of a God thing, theses reminders run around like rednecks at the demolitions derby. I could write a ton of stories on how people are becoming more aware of God and who he is. Jesus talked about the harvest being plentiful. Seems like the wind is blowin’ and the grain is falling and some of us are just standing back with jaws dropping. Things we have been dreaming are coming true. Things that we have yet to dream are unfolding. Wow.



Monday evening at my house. The phone rings. “Scot, this is Shawn Newman.” Interesting that Shawn called, but for some reason, I am not surprised. I should be surprised. Shawn and I went to high school together. What I mean, is that Shawn and I went to the same high school. We had maybe 2 conversations during high school and since high school we had one conversation that lasted 15 seconds. Shawn and I just never ran in the same circles. So back to the conversation. Shawn tells me that he was at exchange the night before. “I had no idea that was you.” Evidently I look much different now than high school. Less hair for sure. So Shawn tells me that he has really felt like God has been getting a hold of his life the last couple of months. Nobody told him, nobody knocked him over with an XL King James, he just became more aware of God, and his world started getting rocked. “I want to be baptized.” Now, I become a little surprised. Sounds like some God stuff. Shawn and I hook up some days later at a coffeeshop and talk about life, high school, screwed up things we have done, messes we have made, God, baptism, and motocross. We later decide that next Sunday after exchange, Shawn and some of his family will be baptized.


The next Sunday during our exchange gathering I mentioned Shawn and the family would be baptized tonight. Cheers. Celebrations. Angels high fiving. God laughing. We figured, hey, we are baptizing a few folks tonight, why not more? I mentioned that if folks were interested in baptism to go speak with Jack right away and if you wanted baptized tonight, we would do it. The gathering continued. At the end our time, I closed with prayer and hung in the atrium saying hi to new people as those who wanted baptized got ready and got some final instructions from Jack the Fox (my full-time partner in crime). Jeff Gormong walks up to me in the atrium and says “Time to go. You need to baptize some people.” We head to the baptistery area where I know I will see Shawn and a few other family members for a great event. I rounded a corner down a long hallway and saw white. People in white robes. Eleven. Eleven people ready for baptism. Eleven people who were becoming aware of God and giving their life to him and his magnificent cause. I think angels were dancing. I’m pretty sure of it. We just looked at each other and smiled. There are few things better than being in the middle of God moments. There is this great realization that what is happening has nothing to do with you but you are so glad to be a part of it.


Jesus tells us to be “fisher’s of men.” Seems like lately we are on the bank casting and reeling, casting and reeling. A few strikes here. A few fish there. Somewhere over our shoulder God throws this giant ACME sized stick of dynamite and the pond explodes and fish fly. What a place to be. Who doesn’t want to be part of something bigger than themselves? So, come on. Join in. Grab a pole. Don’t have a pole? No problem, doesn’t seem to really matter anyway.

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