Goodbye exchange

image Last Sunday the leaders off MCC verbalized what God has been leading us to for the last couple of years.  Exchange has joined forces with the morning community (EPIC) of Maryland Community Church.   No longer will we carry the titles of EPIC or exchange.  We are now Maryland Community Church, a community of people following Christ and serving in his cause.

Why?  Because we believe that together we can be better. 

What does that mean for exchange?  The Sunday gathering will look very much the same.  We will gain the addition of Dr Vince when it comes to helping our personal spiritual formation.  Vince will be teaching some classes and is already exploring some cutting-edge ways to help our personal spiritual walk (stay tuned for details).  I will continue to teach on Sunday nights and will begin to teach more in the AM gathering.

I talked about all of this at our last official exchange gathering, Vince talked about it at the last official Epic gathering.  You can listen here.

A detailed document on the change is here.

Am I excited?  More than you know.  I believe that we are going to see God do some amazing things as we all join together, follow him, and serve in his cause.  Will you join us?

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