Guatemala in Living Color

Thanks to Shawn for putting this together.  Each of these kids were abandoned by their parents and are now in an orphanage.  On behalf of MCC we put some love on these kids for 3 solid day.

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One thought on “Guatemala in Living Color

  1. Pastor Scot,
    I would like to thank you, Shawn, Jody, Nate and Rachel for all the communications everyone shared with us here back in the states, while you were on your mission trip in Guatemala. I just love technology! Even though I could not tangibly touch the love you all shared with the children, you all allowed me to feel the love you gave and shared with you spectacular correspondence, photos and videos. I followed you all from the time you left the airport to the time you returned. I just wanted to say thanks to you all for allowing me and others to experience a fraction of what it is like to be God's hands, feet and mouth to these very special persons. Again thank you all!