Guatemala Monday

Breakfast with about 30 other gringos followed by a ride on a “Chicken Bus” to Light and Life School in Saquil.  The school was built by Helen Elliott.  While her husband Bill worked on translation of the New Testament, she had a dream that school children would one day be educated and learn about Christ at the same time.  Today I saw her dream.  It was amazing.


Above: Chicken bus to Nebaj.  A well used old school bus on some beat up roads.


Above:  Light and Life School outside.


Above: 1st grade at Light and Life school.


Above: The kids provided some musical entertainment for us.


Above:  Absolute beauty.


Above: Jody, Scot, Mariah, Nate, Rachael and some of the students.


Above:  Ray Elliott.  Ray was the first white man to move into the Ixil village.  Starting in the 1950’s, he created an alphabet, a written language, implemented programs to help them read and write, and began translating the New Testament into the Ixil language.  We are here to celebrate that the New Testament is complete.  Ray and his wife Helen are some of my heros.

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