Hang out with Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and others

The Passion crew (I say that because I don’t know exactly who’s involved, but the list of people involved seems to be the Passion peeps) is putting on a series of concerts this year. If you’re a member of Worship Frequency ( you can sign up for free at www.worshipfrequency.com ) then you have a unique opportunity to hang out with Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and other band members prior to these concerts and just chill, almost living room style. The announcement didn’t really allude to what would be discussed (I’m not sure it’s that planned out) but if you’re going to be in one of the cities listed below, I’d recommend picking up a ticket to the concert closest to you and checking this out.

Worshipplus is planning on being at the St. Louis concert, so if you’re around, be sure and come find us. We’ll be the guys walking around with the blank stare of confusion on our face.

Click the image in this post to see the full announcement, along with the cities included.

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