How I became a better communicator

imageSeveral years ago I made an investment in myself and the people I teach.  I participated in the Dynamic Communicators Workshop hosted by Ken Davis.  I am excited to learn that Ken has now joined forces with one of my virtual mentors, Michael Hyatt.  Together they have tweaked DCW, renaming it the SCORRE Conference.  But is it worth shelling out your hard-earned cash?  Will you see any return on your investment of time?  Here is the truth:

This conference changed the landscape of my communication.  It can change yours as well.

The conference gave me the practical tools that I need to create compelling content week after week.  No gimmicks, no magic, just a solid formula and some hard work.

The conference also gave me the ability to practice the new formula in my own voice and my own creative style.  During the 4-day workshop, we were broken into small groups where we presented our speeches. After each speech we would receive feedback from the students and from our personal instructor.  Was it brutal?  Yep.  Was it effective?  Absolutely.  Attending this conference is the single best thing I have done to improve my communication.

Still not convinced?

DSC_3316Sunday night I walked in my house after a long day.  My wife said “Hey, have you seen what people are saying on Facebook?”  Several people were posting the main point of the sermon I just delivered.  “That,” I said to my wife, “is every preacher’s dream.”

Listen, Ken and Michael are not paying me for an endorsement.  I don’t get a cut of their registration.  They won’t comp me any of  their materials.  (I can’t even get Ken to send me a free T-shirt!)  I simply believe in what they do.

If you are serious about being an unforgettable communicator, you can’t afford not to go to SCORRE.  Scrape together the money.  Eat rice and beans for a month.  Collect aluminum cans.  Offer to wash all the dogs in your neighborhood.  Do whatever you have to do to get to SCORRE.  Before long, your people will be preaching your sermon back to you.

For information on the next conference, click here.


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