How Suffering Can Help Us

As soon as suffering comes our way, we want it gone.  What if God uses it for something good?

What are some good things you have experienced from suffering? (Comment below)

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2 thoughts on “How Suffering Can Help Us

  1. great word. i need to stop feeling sorry for myself so much and understand that if i can embrace the issue at hand and talk to God. not just praying, but just talk and have a conversation with him. and in these conversations with him the suffering can turn to joy, love and hope from enduring the suffering. my life has seemed to be a constant grasping at air with no relief except for the last few months of my life where i have experienced the biggest suffering in my life. but God has given me a calm feeling through it all. Thank you Lord for the obstacles that have been put in my life causeing me to become closer to you so my character can become more honorable, noble and loving for my family, friends and most of all you,God.