How to Remember Scripture

Lately I have been having trouble remembering the content of my morning Life Journaling.  Driving down the road I would be thinking of the time I spent with the Father and trying to think of the topic.  Some days I came up blank.  How could this be?  I spent time in the word, prayed, even wrote in my journal.  How come it did not stick?

There are probably several factors at play here. One factor is the way that we retain information.  Many of us are visual learners.  To remedy my slipping memory, I have now made it a practice to include a picture with every Life Journal entry.  This is easier if you journal on a computer, but if you use pen and paper you can draw, print from computer, or tear something from a magazine.

I have found this has helped my memory tremendously.  My mind can recall the picture which triggers the scripture and topic. It allows me to meditate on my journal entry throughout the day.

There are several graphic / picture services on the web.  Note: If you are going to publish pictures to the web, be sure and search using the “creative commons” option (royalty free) and give credit to the photographer.

Here is a raw example from my Life Journal from a few weeks ago.


So Jesus said to the Jew who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – Jn 8:31-32

Several Jews had just believed Jesus, even as the religious leaders were becoming frustrated with him.  At question was Jesus’ testimony about himself.  Jesus lays down the rule for becoming his disciple. I find interesting what it is not.  Being a disciple of Jesus does not require:

Serving the poor and needy, going on a missions trip, tithing, attending church, evangelization.

Sure, all of these may come as a request from Jesus as I hear from him, but the primary call of a disciple of Jesus is to abide in him.  Everything else flows in and out of him. My role is to abide in Christ.  I will serve and tithe and give based on what he tells me as I abide in him.  Everything else flows from my connection with him.

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