I May be Changing Jobs

It was announced on Sunday that the Elders of MCC have recommended me as the next Sr Pastor of Maryland Community Church.  To some this may seem a sudden change.  Truth be told, this transition has been in process for a long time.  Five years ago the leadership of MCC studied successful transition plans.  We adapted a model that would fit MCC and began a transition, with multiple steps.  I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say it has been a healthy process.  So where do we go from here?

In our process, the Elders have recommended two things: (1) that I take the role of Sr Pastor and that (2) Vince take the role of Sr Associate Pastor.  As you probably know, we have both been in these roles in an interim position for about 12 months.  Here are some things we are doing in the last stages of our process.

1.  Announcement to the people of MCC.  This is where we are now.  For more information, you will find a job description and my resume at the information center in the atrium at MCC.

2.  Meet and greet.  Some of you know me because we have grown up together.  Some of you are new friends.  If you would like to know a bit more about me, hear my story, and meet my family, we are hosting a “meet and greet” at MCC on Thursday, Sept 13.

3.  Vote.  Yep, this is an election year for me.  The position of Sr Pastor  position requires a vote by the membership of MCC.  (I won’t be kissing babies, making any outlandish claims, or implementing smear campaigns.)  All members of MCC are eligible to vote.  Not sure if you are a member?  You can email Vince McFarland (vincem@mccth.org) or stop by a table in the atrium starting August 26.

So what about Vince? I mean, what is really going on?

Nothing to hide here.  This is all part of our transition / succession process.  Vince will eventually retire, but that is a few years down the road.  In the meantime, we need him on staff, filling the role of Pastoral Care, Missions, Discipleship, and city connection, and more.  He brings years of valuable wisdom and experience to our team.

I am extremely honored to be considered for this role.  MCC is a fantastic church.  We have a great past and I am beyond excited about the future.

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10 thoughts on “I May be Changing Jobs

  1. Scott-We are very happy about the transition and fully support you in it. Frankly it would scare me to death!! I will continue to pray for you and your family.
    Blessings, Roberta

  2. Scot,

    I think this is what is great about families, handling change well. Vince has been such an important part in my life and development, showering me with wisdom from the day I first stepped into MCC, and as soon as you showed up and rocked my world, I knew I had found a home. From 1st grade, I was an MCC’er, and though I live in Nashville and have awesome people here who guide me with love and wisdom, MCC will always be home. I am honored that you will be filling the position of Senior Pastor and even more honored at the selfless and caring way with which this change has been handled.

    We should celebrate the amazing leadership of Vince. For decades, he has molded and shaped many hearts through more than just words. He has led Maryland Church to truly be a church for the community, dedicated to displaying to all of Terre Haute, and beyond, what the love of Christ really means. And, we should celebrate our new head pastor, the torch being passed, and the bright and blessed future than Maryland Community Church will have. The reason the future is so bright is because God lives at MCC… wherever the church may go!

    You are in my prayers every month, Scot, and Vince too. I know pastor’s need all the prayer they can get. I am excited to hopefully get back to the Haute again soon and once again step through the doors of Maryland feeling like a much blessed, much loved family member.

    To you my brother I say… keep rockin’ for Jesus!

    Dave “Freyguy”

    • FreyGuy, JamesEarl, FreyMin, SWP Peep,

      You are right on. Actually when people ask why this transition is working so well, I say one word: Vince. I 1st met Vince when I was in College and from day 1 he has modeled a selfless attitude in sharing leadership. It is rare to see a man have a grand vire of the kingdom to the point that he allows others to take over what has been his life’s work.

      Let me know when you are back. Home will always be here for ya!

  3. I’m not sure what to say. I have a full heart. There is definitely a sense of pride. it has been a joy to follow all of this from a distance. You and Stephanie occupy a huge place in our hearts and prayers. I have enjoyed watching your girls grow up. You’re great parents. It’s nice to watch a smooth transition. I didn’t get to experience that. I’m glad you did. I’m proud of who you are. You’ve been all that since I met you. I know God’s blessing will be upon you and the staff there. MCC is fortunate to have you but you are equally blessed to have a church family that loves and supports you. The future is indeed bright.

    • Ken,

      I often tell people that my first full-time ministry was a blessing from God. He sure knew what he was doing when he led us to you and Parham Hills. It was perfect for a guy trying to figure out ministry. I learned much from you. Probably more than you know. The people of Parham Hills embraced Steph and I as families. And you know that is a miracle!

      Blessings to you my friend.

  4. Scot,

    You may not know me, but I have been in and around Maryland on and off since college. I was actually born again while in college at one of the service in which you preached. I went to Maryland for Pre-School when it was on South 7th Street. After that, I somewhat grew up at Maryland as my grandparents (Dave and Charlotte Everly) would take me when I was young (6-10 yrs old). I fondly recall those times spent in the ugly yellow/orangish pews during the early years of MCC. I can say that there was a special “feel”, or “anointing” if you will, of those services and the church community back in the day.

    All of this laborious introduction to say that as you have continued to grow in Him as a pastor, I have once again felt that great and refreshing spirit in the services in recent years. It is a calm excitement that’s life-giving and it’s unique to MCC as far as I have been able to assess. It’s what makes MCC special to me when I am able to attend. I look forward to seeing where Christ takes the church from here as you (hopefully) take the reigns. Keep doing what you do, Scot! As God keeps taking you one step closer to Him – you are taking us all with you! That’s a killer motto by the way.


    PS – you really do need to throw together a smear commercial for one of the services. I mean, seriously. You can’t let Vince get off that easy.

  5. Thanks Eric. I totally remember you at MCC on 7th street. My earliest memory is that I was young and helping in children’s’ church and you kept cracking these corny jokes. Did you wear a bow tie back then? I have a vague memory of you in a bow tie. If it was you, please tell me you don’t wear it anymore.

    I hear good things about you. Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. I don’t suppose former staff/members who left to make room for the current worship pastor and attended a Southern Baptist church for a while to avoid the oddity of be situation and then left town to Pastor a really small church 25 miles away can vote, but f they could, I would surely affirm your place in the role you are headed toward.

    May God bless you, Steph, the Gals, and MCC