Jammed Up

God jammed me up this afternoon.  Bad.

suprise face I was putting the final prep on my Sunday messages.  I am preaching at Antioch Christian Church for 2  morning services and then preaching in exchange for the evening.  Two different sermons: one for ACC and one for exchange.

Around 4PM, I really sensed the Spirit leading me to trash the sermon I had prepared for ACC, replacing it with the one I have prepared for exchange.  So, I did. 

That kind of thing rarely happens but I have a sense that God has some powerful things to say this Sunday.  It’s a message burnin’ inside of me and I am anxious to get it out!

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2 thoughts on “Jammed Up

  1. Way to go God! Oops I should also say, "Way to go Scot for listening!" So if Jo & I make it up Sunday night does that mean we will hear you fresh or hacked over or just on auto pilot? 🙂