Joseph Myers – session 1

These notes are from Joseph Myers seminar “Organic Community” given at Northern Seminary, May 2008.  They are rough.  I’ll post a session each day (6 total)  

Jesus Redefines Community

Disagree with me if you want.  Just hang with me for a few moments before you write it off.

Picture of sardines – what do you see?
Fishes swimming in ocean – what do you see?

Community and belonging is more natural than unnatural.
Shouldn’t it be easier to get people in community?
Maybe we are going about it an unnatural way.

Paint by numbers or on an empty canvas

Teach them to become artists toward community rather than paint by number

Most people who don’t attend church are afraid the will end up with less of a soul than they have now (will kill them somehow).

If we really knew the God of Jesus, we would stop trying to control and manipulate others “for their own good” knowing full well that is not how God works among his people – Brennan Manning

Get in trouble when you use your strength to excess.

The condition of unconditional love: not to love to excess
To excessively love someone is actually to not love

Give almost enough help to be helpful.

Matthew very interested in who belongs to God and who does not

Mt 1:1-17
    4 women in genealogy (Rahab, Ruth – note, they were not Jewish)
    Introduces non-male bloodlines and non Jews.  OT was clear – Jew = people of God

    Weeds and wheat were growing together in genealogy.

Mt 13:24-30;36-43
Some who were not believers, but they lived together.
If the weeds were not growing together with the wheat, something would be missing.  The wheat may be             better with the weeds growing with it.  God sends his angels to pull – we are not the reapers, it is not time

Aside:  Everyone in life is here to help us see God better.

Lk 10:25-37 –
Jesus specifically asked – who is in (who is my neighbor)
    Genealogy of grace with Good Samaritan
    2 men pass by because the would be unholy
        Compassion trumps holiness every time
          God would rather you be compassionate than holy

Mt 25:31-46
Sheep and goats.  Continuation of weed and wheat, here the reapers have come.
    People surprised.  You may not know if you are sheep or goats

Mt 15:22-28
    Canaanite woman – there were no Canaanite’s during this time  ????
    Son of David – genealogy.  Pits 2 sides against each other
    In essence calls her a goat, weed
    Dog- not pets.  Not part of family.  Calling her a female dog.    really????

    Meanest Jesus has been – why? Tongue in cheek, to show disciples what it is like to speak bad from the     heart (in reference to context of Mt 15:18-19 – from mouth comes what is in heart)

    Redefines lost sheep of Israel to include this woman

Jesus redefines community.

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