Learning the Hard Way

image Thursday afternoon I headed to The Badlands, an off-road park in Attica, Indiana.  I need some “me” time, and a few hours of mud, hills, trails and dunes were just the ticket. 

However, I ran into a little snag on one of the last hill climbs.  It all happened so fast, but I think it went something like this:

  • Gun it for the hill climb.
  • 3/4 into the climb, realize it needs more throttle.
  • More throttle.
  • Back tires start to spin.
  • Mental note: “I REALLY need new tires.”
  • Quad is slowing due to lack of traction.
  • Plant my weight over the back tire to regain traction.
  • Traction regained.

Here’s a little math formula for the kiddies: Too much throttle+too much traction+too much incline=backwards somersault


I was OK, just some scrapes and bruises.  Since the 700 acre park was all but abandoned, it left me to remedy the situation by myself.  This (as well) happened pretty fast, but the way I remember it . . .

  • Body check – nothing broken.
  • Pulled the quad over onto it’s wheels.
  • Mental note: “Don’t pull a quad over on it’s wheels when you are standing downhill of said quad.”
  • Quad starts rolling over, almost on top of me (again).
  • Run away from rolling quad.
  • Quad comes to rest.  Upside down.  Again.


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2 thoughts on “Learning the Hard Way

  1. Glad you are ok my friend but I will try not to laugh at the mental picture that comes to mind with your description. When are you going to learn about youth and old age and the difference? 🙂

  2. Looks like you really needed some buddies along so you could complete the whole ‘man’ experience by declaring, “Hey y’all, watch this!”

    Glad you are ok.