Meet Madison


I thought I would write you a letter.  You probably think it is a bad idea to write a letter to you and let everyone see it.  Too bad.  I’m the Dad.

I just wanted to tell you thanks.  Not for cleaning your room (we are still working on that), but thanks for  . . .

  • Making your Mom and I laugh.  I laugh just thinking about you laughing.
  • Bringing your energy to the party.  You light up a room.
  • Being creative.  You are one of the best young writers I have seen.  I can’t wait to read your stuff.
  • Baking me a cake when I got home from Africa (it was gooood).
  • For making great choices when it comes to friends.
  • For listening to God in the middle of the chaos.
  • For allowing me the opportunity to baptize you at church a few weeks ago.
You are an amazing and brilliant young lady (must take after Mom in all that).  I’m proud to be your Dad.
Go clean your room.


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3 thoughts on “Meet Madison

  1. When we make the time to bless our children, God smiles from ear to ear. Madison will take this blessing throughout her life and will bless her children as well.  We sprinkle love in, over and through our children, and it brings a harvest of goodness that lasts for generations. The Bible says the blessings last a thousand generations!!  Thanks for sharing Scot.