My Life is Half Over

Warning:  this post is all about me today.  Deal with it.

Today I am 40.

For the next few moments, it is halftime.

It’s a weird place that I have never been. The moment between the halves.

The first half is in the books.  And the books are good.

I have a fantastic Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister.  I have more memories with them than a man twice my age.


Mom and Pop Longyear.

men and plane

With my Dad and my brother, Darel

As a Sr in High School I fell in love with Stephanie.  In our 20+ we have gone from infatuation to soul mates.

Stingray City 001

And we swim with sting-rays for fun.

I have 2 amazing kids.  They are my heart walking around outside of my body.


Mariah and Maddy, a couple of years ago in Australia.

And a rotten dog that I like most days.


Nestle.  The  pooch.

My sister and her husband are my good friends.

My in-laws are top notch.

Steph’s side of the family is fantastic.

I get to work with some of my best friends, creating ways for people to know God.


Our stage set from Easter ’09

I have traveled the world.  Hawaii, Spain, Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, Russia, and the Caribbean (and counting).

I completed a Marathon (with my brother).

I have tons of friends (almost 600 according to facebook – ha). My wall, email, and texts are lighting up with birthday wishes.  If friendship is money, I’m rich at 40.

My first half was good.

Some would say extraordinary.

I would agree.

The second half is about to begin.

And I am banking that it is even better than the first.

I’m banking that the God of the 1st 40 will make the next 40 better than I could imagine.

I have to go.  I’m meeting my Dad for breakfast.  We will break biscuits together.  Sounds like a perfect way to start the next half.

Game on.

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9 thoughts on “My Life is Half Over

  1. Congrats on the 4-0 Scot! I am trying to think about my 4-0 but can't remember. That is what happens when you hit 5-6. Do pray for you and that God will become even bigger to you over the next 40.

  2. Well, I'm not going to travel to every social site and give these wishes, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wow, you're old! I must say though, the lack of hair, or gray hair specifically, makes you look ALMOST as young as me!
    Eat a biscuit for me, will ya!
    Have a great day and we'll pray (often and loudly) for God's grace to be with you in the next half!

  3. I like it!! Sounds like you have been blessed many times! Congrats for realizing it:) Hope you have a great birthday and next 40 years!!! See ya Sunday

  4. It's a privilege to serve with you at MCC. I'm glad we get to do what we do each week, and it makes it even better that i get to do it with a friend I can trust. Happy 40th!!!

  5. Hey – I read your blog… and dealt with the whole "turning 40 thing" a few years ago. Here's what I think – treat the "it's half over" thing as you would a great book. You have the intro, the set-up to the story, and the icky stuff all out of the way. Now, you have the last half of the book to read – this is where all the action unfolds. Should be quite an adventure!

  6. What a great post! You deserve every bit of the great stuff God has blessed you with, and I pray that he'll increase it bunches as time goes on! Luv you lots!