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A small group at church just ordered a Big Baby Taylor as a gift for an overseas friend. We will deliver it to him soon, but while it is running through our hands we gave it a test drive.

Taylor guitars have always been a favorite of mine. I have played numerous models belonging to friends, enemies, and music stores. Currently, my main guitar (a workhorse) is a Taylor 710KCE. Taylor has been making some quality instruments and if money were no object, I would have a room full.

I first played the Big Baby in a local music store and was blown away by the sound. After the first strum, I stopped to make sure that I had not mistakenly picked up a different model.

At 15/16 scale, the Big Baby is almost as big as a full-size guitar but small enough to travel. Airline regulations state that this is too big for a carry-on but you could try to walk it on and flash that winning rock-star smile. If you travel by air, a Baby Taylor fits the regulations for carry on.

For a smaller guitar, the Big Baby sounds exceptionally crisp. The bass is present but slim. Of course, you can’t really expect much bass from a smaller body.

The Big Baby comes with a solid Sitka spruce top, sapele-laminate back and sides, and a padded custom gigbag. I am searching for a hard case, but no luck as of yet.

We ordered the Big Baby from Sam Ash at a cost of $399.00 with free shipping.

I get a fair amount of people asking what guitar they should buy as a starter guitar. This will be the guitar I recommend. The action is smooth, the body slightly smaller, and the neck much easier for beginners. And to think that I made my fingers bleed on a Kay guitar back in the day!

This is the guitar I want setting next to my desk. Hey, slap a pickup in it and I would use it as a backup on stage. I’m anxious to get this in the studio to layer some acoustic tracks before we send this to it’s new (and proud) owner.

Click here for the Big Baby specs.

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