red square

Pat Black picked us up at the Moscow Airport.  After a 90 minute ride, we settled into his apartment and slept for a few hours.  After a quick dinner from Cathy (thanks Cathy!) we jumped on the metro and headed to Red Square.  Wow.  Red Square.  Who would have thought?

101_2744As we stared at St Basil’s Cathedral (left),Pat gave us some history.  Evidently St Basil’s was built by Ivan the Terrible.  Ivan had it designed and built by a foreign designer/architect.  When the building was completed, Ivan found that the building was beautiful and wanted to make sure that the designed would never build anything as beautiful again.  So he had his eyes gouged out. 

This land is filled with a rich and brutal history. 

Less that 24 hours on the ground.  More later.

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2 thoughts on “red square

  1. Hey Scot, Russia Rocks! I want to go next time! (My name is BORIS). A little trivia: Red Square is actually a mistranslation. Red and Beautiful are synonyms in Russian.

    I am so jealous that you are there. Have a blast!