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image Yesterday at MCC we did another teaching on sex.  In typical MCC fashion, it was honest, raw, and a bit uncomfortable for some.  And yes, my parents were there as I talked about sex.  Awkward.  For audio of the teaching, click here (or launch the media player on the MCC website and click Acts, 10.10.10).  If you would like to order a DVD, contact Danna at

If you are looking for some resources to help you “do well” as you navigate sex God’s way, check out some of these:

XXX Church.  This website is all about porn and addiction.  You will find resources, testimonies, and video.  These guys have been in the business for some time and have helped loads of people walk through addiction to porn.  Note, if your browser will not allow you to do try

X3watch.  X3watch is a free accountability software that sends reports to people that you designate.  For example, I have some men who have listed me on their X3 watch site.  Every week I get a report of their activity. If any questionable sites pop up, I am notified and we have a little chat.

Safe Eyes.  Also from XXXchurch, Safe Eyes is a filtering software that locks down some internet sites. 

Setting Captives Free.  I was just sent this from a friend who has suffered from food addiction.  While I am not familiar with the site, it looks to have some great information.

Celebrate Recovery.  Celebrate Recovery is a program for addictions (from alcohol to gambling to sex to porn).  Locally, Celebrate Recovery meets at Mt Pleasant United Methodist Church.

Counseling.  Sitting down with a counselor might be the best thing you can do.  I highly recommend Community Christian Counseling of the Wabash Valley

Alright you say, but what about a little help increasing the intimacy with my spouse?  Well, I’m not licensed in that area, but I will say that His Needs, Her Needs is a great book to help men understand women and women understand men.  I won’t promise any magical results, but it will open up some great discussion that very well may enhance the intimacy with your spouse. My recommendation is that you both get it, read it, and discuss. 

Any other suggestions? List them below!

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