Sidewalk Prophets make History at Dove Awards


Dave Frey is was in our youth group at Maryland Community Church in Terre Haute.  Long story short is that Dave chased his dream to Nashville and his band, Sidewalk Prophets were just awarded a Dove Award for the 2010 New Artist of the Year.

But that’s not what makes me proud.

What makes me proud is that Dave is getting a reputation in the Christian Music industry for being a spiritual man.  He is having deep influence and realizes that music is just a tool.  At the end of the day, it is not about songs, bands, arrangements, or tours.  It is about Jesus.  And Dave is a breathing reminder of that.

Want proof?  Check out the video.  Dave makes history when he pulls out a Bible during their acceptance speech and reminds us of what it is really about. 

Thanks Dave!

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