01.28.07 eXchange evaluation

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While, overall, I think the set went well, I believe we hit some opposition, which is to be expected. I’ll explain more as we proceed here.

We opened with Crowder’s There Is No One Like You, a fun diddy to get the gathering started. For some reason, I yelled “Here we go!” at the break, and I still can’t tell you why I did. Otherwise, the song went well, and did a good job of setting the tone for the evening (QAFE; Quiet, Action, Famous, Empty, being the key teaching points. Ultimately, we need to shout like those that marched around Jericho did, then see God act, not the other way around… sometimes).

Turns out, Dan, our electric guitarist extraordinaire for the evening, had no monitor during the first song. During the teaching time the sound crew got that fixed, but that wasn’t the last problem we’d have that evening.

exchange evaluation 10.29.06

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exchange line up for 10.29.06

1. Nicole and band
2. Nicole and band Welcome/ann/prayer – Shawn
Imagine 01 (Community unleashed)- Scot
Interview video with Henry Blackaby
1. How Deep the Father’s Love (Larry/Aimee)
2. Amazing Grace (My Chains)
3. You’ve Won my Affections
4. Sweetly Broken
5. Take my Life
6. You Have Done Great Things
7. Make a Joyful Noise
8. No One Like You
Dismissal – Scot
Band instrumental

Nicole Murello and her band opened up the evening. Nicole and the crew are a young band and lead worship in our high school and middle school ministry. I wanted to see these guys in action before I asked them to lead an entire gathering. From what I saw, they can handle it. Nice work!

exchange evaluation 10.22.06

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exchange line up for 10.22.06

Video – National Missionary Conv
1. Awesome is the Lord Most High
Welcome/ann/prayer – Shawn
Baptism video – Joe Randall
Baptism: Joe by Tim W
Baptism video – Jessica Bush
Baptism: Jessica Bush by Paula Sprigg
Community 2: Take –Scot 1. Amazing Grace (my chains are gone)
2. Give me Jesus
3. You’ve Won My Affections
5. Light of the World
6. Invitacion Fountain??
7. How Great is Our God
8. Enough
9. Marvelous Light
Dismissal – Scot
Band instrumental

Lesson learned: no video is better than a lame video. I know this. I know this. I know this. We started the gathering with a 5 minute video promoting the National Missionary Convention. This is a worthwhile convention with a rich history and solid ministry. Too bad their promo video was a snoozer. We set this video at the beginning of the gathering because of the low energy and length. I had committed to playing the video without seeing it (I know, I know) and needed to keep my word. As I side note, I would encourage you to check out the National Missionary Convention.

exchange evaluation 10.15.06

Here is a look at the line up from exchange, our weekly worship gathering at Maryland Community Church.

1. Awesome is the Lord Most High
Welcome/ann/prayer – Shawn
Community #1 – Scot
interview with Shawn
Scot continues
1. How Great Thou Art
2. You’ve Won My Affection
3. Nothing without You
4. Wonderful Cross
5. joyous Light (Hail Gladdening)
6. Majesty
7. O Praise Him
8. Blessed Be Your Name
Dismissal – Scot
Band instrumental

New song for the night was “Awesome is the Lord Most High”, from Tomlin’s new album. “You’ve Won my Affection” is an older song, but we just picked it up. Such a beautiful piece.

I left the evening not feeling I had really allowed things to flow smoothly. The teaching was a bit jerky and the songs didn’t flow as well as I would like. Nothing that the band did, I think it was some song selection. We did not do “How Great Thou Art.” We simply ran out of time in rehearsal. I hated to toss it as it is such a great classic hymn. We need to do more hymns for sure.

exchange evaluation 10.08.06

Here is a look at the line up from exchange, our weekly worship gathering at Maryland Community Church.

1. All Bow Down
Scot – greet
Imagine video – combo
Announcements – Jack Intro Paul B
Paul – Urbana ann
Video – Urbana
Jack Pray
Vision/nachomoney – Scot
Scot interviews Jody
Nacho Grande and Salsa (Shawn/Bethany)
Theme song intro – La Cuca
Scot continues teaching
Scot- Prayer
1. I Surrender All – Deb/Jen
2. You’ve Won My Affection
3. Nothing but You
4. You are the One
5. Sweetly Broken
6. Here is Our King
7. Not to Us
Dismissal- Scot
Band instrumental

Extra: I See the Lord, Lord Let Your Glory Fall

My Evaluation: The night was packed with so much that the tech crew had their hands full (great job guys). This was our vision night, where we laid a big challenge for tithing and giving above and beyond our tithes. For the past few weeks in exchange we have been exploring how our cash is tied to our heart. I was able to share some fantastic stories from the past few years. Check the audio out here.

exchange evaluation 10.01.06

1. Everything
Scot – greet
Imagine video – Tom/Kathy
Welcome/ann/prayer – Shawn
Blessed Life #4 – Scot
1. Breathing the Breath
2. I Surrender (Oh Father)
3. Holy is the Lord on High
4. Hungry
5. Holy is the Lord
6. Grace Like Rain
7. Marvelous Light
8. Your Grace is Enough
Dismissal instructions – Scot
Extra: Here is Our King

The band was unable to rehearse the week prior, so the team came in early Sunday for some extra time together. They must have done their homework because they played a tight set. Because of time we cut Grace Like Rain and Marvelous Light. The guy teaching went too long (wait a minute, that was me).

The band followed me exceptionally well. There are several instances where I will do a song different during the gathering than we did in rehearsal. Sometimes during the actual set I will sense that we need to repeat a chorus, or start a song slow instead of fast. Our musicians are gracious in following my lead, even with a change up.

09.24.06 evaluation

exchange 9.24.06

1. I Love You Lord (alt)
Imagine video – multimedia
Welcome/ann/prayer – Jack
I know what you did last Summer – Jack interviews 3 students
Blessed Life #3 – Scot
1. Breathing the Breath
2. You Alone
3. Give us Clean Hands
4. We Fall Down
5. All to You
6. No One Like You
7. It is You
Dismissal – Shawn
Band instrumental

Worship was led vocally by Shawn Wallace. After rehearsal, Shawn tweaked the line up and made it flow nicely. He did a great job of leading and I was able to sit in as part of the band and not lead. A different but refreshing role. Our imagine video was a promo for our Imagine campaign (a stewardship focus). Funny video. The videos (series) have been ending with text and no audio for effect, but I wonder how well it works. Maybe some audio would be a stronger end.

Jack interviewed 4 college students who spent the summer in Pennsylvania, Cairo, and Thailand. It was a great piece to continually set the culture that we are about serving the cause of Christ locally and globally. During the middle of Jack’s interview a strange buzzing noise was heard. It was my cell phone. It was on my music stand, set on vibrate. Jack answered it and made some comment about my Mom calling me. Stuff like that just keeps it all real. Exchange isn’t about slick production as much as it is just 500 friends sitting around a really big living room.

The teaching was on the spirit of money and trusting God with everything. Breathing the Breath was a great song to transition. The timing is a little weird, but it is a good change from the normal 4/4. We will keep using it and see if people latch onto it.

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09.17.06 evaluation

exchange 9.17.06

1. All to You
Scot – greet
Video – Sara Nikoli
Welcome/ann – Jack
Blessed Life #2 – Scot
DVD clip
Scot continues teaching
1. It is Well
2. Now to Live the Life
3. You are the One
4. Medly (Give/Turn . . .)
5. Sweetly Broken
6. Let the Praises Ring
7. Not to Us
8. You are my Joy
Dismissal – Scot
Band – instrumental

This night was a great example of how God weaves himself among us and uses what little we have. The tone of the night was remarkable. Early in the teaching I shared that we had just learned that 14 year old Jennifer Held had died in her sleep. I broke down. Started crying and had to stop for a moment. It was a tough night, but good. We talked of how Jennifer lived out a faith in Christ. Interestingly enough, we tied it in to the topic of the night; tithing and giving. I’m still not sure how it all came together, but it did. The songs seemed to fit perfect and the flow was good. We cut You are My Joy due to time. Not to Us was the song to end on, regardless of time.

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09.10.06 evaluation

exchange line up for 9.10.06

1. All to You
Imagine video (Imagine Missions)
Welcome/Ann – Shawn
Jody – crash report from last week
Shawn – Prayer
Scot – Blessed Life #1 (quick interview with Jack)
1. King Makers
2. Nothing without You
3. Let my Words Be Few
4. Facedown
5. How Great is Our God
6. Sweetly Broken
7. Let the Praises Ring
8. Here is Our King
Dismissal – Scot
Band instrumental

Pretty good night. On “All to You” and “Let the Praises Ring,” I’m not sure that we (the band) fully dropped into the pocket. Then again, if I think that we can play them like Lincoln Browser, I am fooling myself. Even without locking in those songs, we were still able to worship and the room was chocked full of people at the altars and different worship spaces.

09.03.06 evaluation

eXchange line up for 9.03.06


1. Missions Flame

Video – Crash interview (Jody)

Welcome/announcements/prayer – Jack

Intro Craig and JR – Jack

Craig and JR – Starving Jesus

Instructions for the night – Scot

1. We Must Go

2. Now to Live the Life

3. Everything

Dismiss to serve – Scot



A different night for sure. This is the second time we cut the gathering time short and busted up 500 people into 20 teams and went to serve the community. For more info, check out my blog and Shawn’s as well.