New Orleans – Sat


Here is our Crash team.  We have crammed in vehicles, become sweaty and filthy, and have made the name of Christ a bit more famous in New Orleans.

Saturday is a travel day.  Hope to arrive in TH early Sunday morning.  Thanks for the prayers and great support. 

Would you love an experience like this?  We have another trip in July.  For more information, email Jeanette Souder at

A final video bonus for ya.  Live from Bourbon Street

New Orleans – Friday

imageAs we were returning to camp Thursday night I heard the grinding of front brakes.  Friday morning Jay “McGuiver” Mosteller and I tore into the brakes.  Pads were shot and one rotor was needing replaced.  If taken to a shop, this repair would have set us back $400 plus.  How good is God?  Check this:  My Pops (who owns said van) had purchased lifetime pads at Autozone.  A quick trip and we had new pads, for free.  Shawn Foster was with us on the trip.  Shawn is an assistant manager with O’Riley Auto parts in the Haute.  A quick call and Shawn hooked us up with his discount.  Total bill for new brake pads, rotors, seals, and labor?  About 75 bones.  Cha-ching. 

New Orleans – Thurs

The crew worked another hot and hard day.  The entire week, we were split into 3 teams.  Two teams on separate rebuilds and one team on gutting.  Everyone worked hard.  A great team making God famous with some dirty work.

The evening was full of extremes.  We toured the 9th Ward.  The 10 passenger van was crammed with 12 adults.  The ride through the 9th ward was silent.

Check it out.

After the 9th ward, we went from one extreme to the other, hitting dinner in the French quarter.   For a taste of Cajun, check out the video below.  Oh, I forgot to mention that we had fried alligator as an appetizer.  Yes, it tastes like chicken.

New Orleans Thurs


Above: Jessica and Karen in front of Elvira’s house. They were involved in rebuilding this house in a previous trip. It’s hard to describe the feeling of knowing that you helped a homeowner re-establish their home.


Above: Over 200K on this rig and she still runs like a champ.



Above: Camp at Mercy Response, Vineyard. Kenner, LA.


Above: Jessica Bush and I break on the back deck.


Above: Instructions from Mitchell, Mercy Response team leader.


Above: Jess takes a lift in “Gertie,” an ancient cherry picker. Gertie decided not to run on Thursday. I prayed a fantastic Pastoral prayer. Layed my hands on her. She refused. Bad Gertie.