Christmas Eve Promo

image We just finished shooting some promo video for our Christmas Eve services.  I don’t want to give it away, but let’s just say that Santa costume + elf costume + Jack + Scot = comedy. 

That’s right kiddies, Jack and Scot are back on the big screen, thanks to the video genius of Scott Telle.  All in the name of getting your friends to MCC on Christmas eve.  Game on.

Simple Worship 2 update

Scot-Photo Shoot 2 051 

Photo shoot with Chris Austin is done.  Dan Lampton is in the final stage of mixing.  Eric Louk is set to master the project.  Shawn is working on graphic design. 

Yup, I get by with a ton of help from my friends. 

Once we get a release date we will start to book the world tour (OK, a few local coffee shops).

Stay tuned and I’ll share some of the sonic goodness with you!