Simple Worship 2 update

Scot-Photo Shoot 2 051 

Photo shoot with Chris Austin is done.  Dan Lampton is in the final stage of mixing.  Eric Louk is set to master the project.  Shawn is working on graphic design. 

Yup, I get by with a ton of help from my friends. 

Once we get a release date we will start to book the world tour (OK, a few local coffee shops).

Stay tuned and I’ll share some of the sonic goodness with you!

Live Webcam Tonight!


As part of exchange’s week of fasting, we will gather for  worship and prayer tonight at the Telle Prayer Chapel (6th and Washington) . A simple time of worship with me, percussionist Chris Austin and keyboardist Shawn Wallace.  If you are near Terre Haute, we would love for you to stop by.  Check back here tonight at 7PM and be part of the experience via live webcam.

Porn is sexy

Next time we think about sneaking a little porn, maybe we should think about what it could do to us.

See Michael Guglielmucci’s statement here.

See his Dad’s statement here.

Kind of takes the sexy out of porn, doesn’t it?

Let’s pray for the family.  Let’s pray for the church.  And let’s pray for ourselves.

Lead us not into temptation . . .

[thanks Kyle for the updates]