Worship Leading Essentials (eBook)

After hours of writing, editing and formatting, I am excited to announce the release of Worship Leading Essentials: A Step by Step Guide for Leading Worship.

Worship Leading Essentials is a 70-page ebook designed to help worship leaders lead with greater impact. This step-by-step guide is a collection of lessons I have learned while leading worship for the past 20 years.

Worship Leading Essentials addresses such topics as  . . .

  • Personal spirituality
  • How to deal with band conflict
  • How to put together a set list
  • How to set monitors (quickly)
  • How to leverage criticism
  • Much more

Worship Leading Essentials Graphic verticalThis 20 chapter ebook is a revised collection of blog posts.  Several worship leaders have found this information useful and practical. Whatever your level of worship leading, Worship Leading Essentials is a step-by-step guide to making you a more effective worship leader.



Coming Soon: Worship Leading Essentials

Worship Leading Essentials is a free 70 page e-book designed to help worship leaders.  This step-by-step guide is a collection of things I have learned in leading worship for the past 20 years.  Worship Leading Essentials addresses such things as personal spirituality, how to deal with conflict, how to put together a set list, dealing with criticism, and more.  Best of all, it is a free download.

Stay tuned for more details!

How to Lead a Church. Lessons from Sweet Mama.

Earlier this year, our Pastoral Staff headed south for our Pastor’s Advance.  During our first evening, we stopped by Sweet Mama’s Restaurant.  Our youth Pastor, Rob Ball, was in charge of finding us unique local restaurants for the evening meals.  We took one look at the outside of Sweet Mamas and one look at Rob.  We collectively thought the same thing: Fail.  Oh how wrong we were.

Inside the restaurant, we met Sweet Mama.  She is the magic behind the broken-down curtain.  For the next 2 hours she fed us, chatted with us, and (little did she know) taught us some lessons about running a church.  A few days later we made a list of the things that Sweet Mama taught us.


Among other things, she reminded us to . . .

  • Focus on people.  Mama was about two things: people and food – in that order.
  • Have fun.  She made us laugh.  She took her cooking seriously and herself not so.  At one point Mama pulled up a chair and shot the breeze with the boys.  She even nicknamed one of us “Pookie” and the other “The Silence.”  She gave another a kiss on the cheek.  (Hey, what happens at Mamas stays at Mamas.)
  • Open up.  Mama was an open book.  Ask a question, get the real answer.  Note: be careful what you ask for.
  • Trust strangers.  Mama was sorry she had run out of her speciality: corn casserole.  When she found our we were in town all week for meetings, she INSISTED that we come back in the morning to get a special made pan of corn casserole.  When I returned the next day I found that Mama had come in early that day to make our dish.  She handed me a pan and said “please return this pan to me.  It is expensive.”
  • Exceeded expectation. When she realized she was out of one entree we wanted, it was free appetizers and desserts for the crew.
  • Be who you are.  Mama was not trying to be anybody else.  She knew who she was and who she was not.  When we placed our order she collected our menus and  said, “This will take some time. I make everything from scratch.  You ain’t at Carrabba’s.”

Whatever your business or ministry, Sweet Mama could teach you a thing or two.  And next time you find yourself in Naples, Florida, stop by and tell Mama that the “Preacha Boys” sent ya.  You won’t be sorry.

 What leadership lessons have you learned in unlikely places? (Comment below.)

How I became a better communicator

imageSeveral years ago I made an investment in myself and the people I teach.  I participated in the Dynamic Communicators Workshop hosted by Ken Davis.  I am excited to learn that Ken has now joined forces with one of my virtual mentors, Michael Hyatt.  Together they have tweaked DCW, renaming it the SCORRE Conference.  But is it worth shelling out your hard-earned cash?  Will you see any return on your investment of time?  Here is the truth:

This conference changed the landscape of my communication.  It can change yours as well.

The conference gave me the practical tools that I need to create compelling content week after week.  No gimmicks, no magic, just a solid formula and some hard work.

The conference also gave me the ability to practice the new formula in my own voice and my own creative style.  During the 4-day workshop, we were broken into small groups where we presented our speeches. After each speech we would receive feedback from the students and from our personal instructor.  Was it brutal?  Yep.  Was it effective?  Absolutely.  Attending this conference is the single best thing I have done to improve my communication.

Still not convinced?

DSC_3316Sunday night I walked in my house after a long day.  My wife said “Hey, have you seen what people are saying on Facebook?”  Several people were posting the main point of the sermon I just delivered.  “That,” I said to my wife, “is every preacher’s dream.”

Listen, Ken and Michael are not paying me for an endorsement.  I don’t get a cut of their registration.  They won’t comp me any of  their materials.  (I can’t even get Ken to send me a free T-shirt!)  I simply believe in what they do.

If you are serious about being an unforgettable communicator, you can’t afford not to go to SCORRE.  Scrape together the money.  Eat rice and beans for a month.  Collect aluminum cans.  Offer to wash all the dogs in your neighborhood.  Do whatever you have to do to get to SCORRE.  Before long, your people will be preaching your sermon back to you.

For information on the next conference, click here.


Why do I need Another Elder’s Meeting?

5 Then some of the believers who belonged to the party of the Pharisees stood up and said, “The Gentiles must be circumcised and required to obey the law of Moses.”  6 The apostles and elders met to consider this question. – Acts 15

Not long after Christ returned to heaven, the leaders were trying to navigate this thing called the church. They had to take into account the culture, God, history, Christ, and this new teaching.  To that end they had many unanswered questions. I find it interesting that Christ did not leave them with a manual on how to start and run a church.  They had to figure it out.  Thus, church leadership meetings were born.

How refreshing!  The answers were not clear.  They had to get their collective heads and spirit together, come to unified agreement, and move forward.  Why did Christ not make the way clear on paper? Why not leave a precise roadmap or an instruction manual?  I think it is because he wanted leaders to process these decisions in community.  I believe he desires us to do the same today.

Pastors, since the early church was established, groups of leaders have gathered together to lead in community, under the direction of the Holy Spirit.   They have asked hard questions and wrestled with difficult answers.  Honor the process.  Within the process we find that God deepens a sense of community and gives unified direction to the church.  May you lead well as you lead WITH the group of leaders around you.  And may your church flourish under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

New Life Conferences

Just got this from Phil McCallum.

From June 22-27, New Life Church in Colorado Springs will have three overlapping conferences including:

  • Ascent for pastors (June 22-24)
  • Enter for worship leaders (June 22-24)
  • Desperation for students (June 25-27)

The conference will feature Brady Boyd, Bill Hybels, Chris Tomlin, Gateway Worship, Ross Parsley and more all in Colorado Springs.

Are you tired?

image Dale Swineburn from the International Mentoring Network posted a great article on personal energy.  Dale says:

How can we become more energy efficient? Research has shown that it usually follows the things you enjoy doing with your time, those things that really energize you, are usually the things that are allowing you to use your talents the most.

The beauty of it is this, when we are using our strengths we aren’t expending energy but generating it. That’s efficiency. Imagine a car that didn’t just use small amounts of fuel but instead generated fuel.  By spending our time operating in our strengths we are increasing our stores of energy, not depleting them.

To see the entire article, click here.

Here is my personal takeaway:

1.  What energizes me?

2.  What depletes me?

3.  How can I get my staff positioned in what I call EGM(Energy Generating Mode)?  And yes, I just made that up. It’s my blog.




image One of the most clarifying things to have in life is your personal mission.  What is it that your life is all about?  Once you answer that, life decisions make more sense.  If you don’t have your life mission clear, get it.  It may take time.  That’s OK.  Let it simmer.  Once you are locked on it, it’s time to get busy.

In light of the mission of my life, here are the questions that I am currently asking:

  1. What do I need to STOP doing?
  2. What do I need to keep doing and do better?  Note: If is worth doing, it is worth doing better.
  3. What do I need to START doing?