Weekend Recap

What a weekend!  After stepping off the plane from Africa, I reconnected with my family by spending a couple of days in Cincinnatti.  One day was spent on the roller coasters at King’s Island.  My girls (especially Madison) are thrill freaks.  Let’s just say Dad is getting old.

Sunday I reconnected with the MCC family. What a day.  I shared a video that Justin and I shot in Africa.  Literally hundreds of Pastors cheered on video as a way to tell MCC thank-you.  We started a new series called “The Kingdom” and focused on how the kingdom grows.  As a part of the teaching, we played a video testimony from Seth Recknor.  This boy just rocks it.  To cap off a fantastic day, our Student Ministries Pastor, Rob Ball, baptized 6 students.

Ohhhh yeahhhh.  The kingdom is alive and well in Africa and in the Haute.  Hang on.  It’s only getting better.

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