What is your dream church?

image OK, lurker.  Yea, you.  With the face.  You know who you are.  The one who stops by but never comments.  Time to join the conversation.

Finish this sentence: 

My dream church would be a church that . . .

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7 thoughts on “What is your dream church?

  1. is relevant, exciting and full of passion to see the lost and lathargic transformed by the Holy Spirit and through the Word and the arts into passionate, active followers of Christ. The church must have engaging services, strong discipleship and be involved in missional work both in their local community and in the world abroad.

  2. would be culturally relevant but not so relevant that we don’t do things that REALLY matter for fear of not being “seeker-friendly”, alive and enthusiatically ready to worship EVERY time the door is open, realizes the power of high energy praise AND intimate worship, and finds a place where we don’t get caught up in the “music” side of worship, but rather a place that the true “worship” is displayed in things like reaching the lost, being a great parent/kid/Christian/citizen, discipleship, and outreach ministry.

  3. doesn’t tip toe around scripture because they are not concerned about hurting your feelings. They get to the meat of what God is saying, like it or not. And when you miss a service, you feel horrible. Not the guilt because you “missed church”, but because you know you missed out on something great. A place where you can be uplifted, but also challenged so that it forces you to want to change. I don’t just want to hear what makes me feel good. I want to hear what I need to hear also, in order to grow spiritually, so that I can help build the kingdom.

  4. where the heart of God is sought, where the vision of God is desired, where the Church is growing closer and closer to Him, where there are no more games to be played, no more power struggles to be had, only full surrender. A people that draws on His power constantly in their daily walk, bring everyone around them to a full knowledge of Jesus Christ, making Him known and desiring to know Him more for His honor and His glory!