When Jesus Ignores Us

image 47When it was evening, the boat was in the middle of the sea, and He was alone on the land.  48Seeing them straining at the oars, for the wind was against them, at about the fourth watch of the night He came to them, walking on the sea; and He intended to pass by them. But when they saw Him walking on the sea, they supposed that it was a ghost, and cried out; – Mk 6

He intended to pass by them?  What?  There was a storm.  Why would Jesus pass by them?  Maybe because he knew that they could handle the storm.  Maybe he figured that they just saw him feed 5000, so a storm was no big deal.  Jesus had to know that they would be safe. Maybe he had hoped that they would think

“Sure, the storm is bad, but we are not going to die. He just fed 5000 strangers.  If he fed them I bet he will take care of us.  See, there he is.  Woah.  Walking on water.  I bet if he walks on water, we are going to be fine.  If he can walk on water, surely we can handle the storm in a boat.”

Just because Jesus passes us by doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care.  Maybe he passes us by so that we will dig deep, have faith, and row hard.  Maybe the wind and the waves are not such a bad thing.  Maybe just seeing him is enough. 

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One thought on “When Jesus Ignores Us

  1. This is a really neat perspective on this passage, because how many times do we do this in our lives in our own storms of life. Through life we go through many ups and downs and so many times in our “downs” we ask God “why” and “where are You in this?” When maybe He is just prompting us TO realize that He is greater than our feelings. Just because we don’t FEEL God or SENSE God doesn’t mean He isn’t present in our life. We can rejoice and say “God thank you, thank you that you aren’t based on MY feelings!” And continue to press onward… we are pressed but not crushed…persecuted…but NEVER abandoned. Praise God!