Why do I need Another Elder’s Meeting?

5 Then some of the believers who belonged to the party of the Pharisees stood up and said, “The Gentiles must be circumcised and required to obey the law of Moses.”  6 The apostles and elders met to consider this question. – Acts 15

Not long after Christ returned to heaven, the leaders were trying to navigate this thing called the church. They had to take into account the culture, God, history, Christ, and this new teaching.  To that end they had many unanswered questions. I find it interesting that Christ did not leave them with a manual on how to start and run a church.  They had to figure it out.  Thus, church leadership meetings were born.

How refreshing!  The answers were not clear.  They had to get their collective heads and spirit together, come to unified agreement, and move forward.  Why did Christ not make the way clear on paper? Why not leave a precise roadmap or an instruction manual?  I think it is because he wanted leaders to process these decisions in community.  I believe he desires us to do the same today.

Pastors, since the early church was established, groups of leaders have gathered together to lead in community, under the direction of the Holy Spirit.   They have asked hard questions and wrestled with difficult answers.  Honor the process.  Within the process we find that God deepens a sense of community and gives unified direction to the church.  May you lead well as you lead WITH the group of leaders around you.  And may your church flourish under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

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