Why I’m Nervous About Easter


Monday night we were in some prayer time with the MCC elders.  One elder asked what he could pray for.  I said “Easter.  I am nervous about Easter.”  He just looked at me with a blank stare.  “Why, because there will be so many people here?”  Um, no, but thanks for bringing up another reason to be nervous.

This year Vince has invited me to preach the Easter services.  Easter is the biggest day of they year for us.  It’s the super bowl of MCC. We cancel the evening service and run 2 services in the AM (9 and 11).  We plan this service for months.  We bring out the creativity.  Our leaders work double time.  Every detail (from parking to nursery to seating) is analyzed. Videos are in the works from the media team.  Justin and the band are in the middle of rehearsal.   Wee Village, R Town, and Student Ministries are geared up and ready to go. So, why am I nervous?

We get one shot.

Easter Sunday will be full of people who come to church one time a year.  Many will come Easter Sunday with no intention of returning to church until next Easter.  My prayer is that this year, people will give God (and MCC) a 2nd (and 3rd) look. I think if they gave MCC a chance, they would see that God is closer than they could ever imagine.

If someone comes Easter, they might meet God.  If not, maybe if they come back the following weeks, they might meet Him.  Maybe they get connected to a small group.  Maybe they find a purpose in life by serving the community and the world.  Maybe they find what they have been looking for all along.  Maybe they eventually become a follower of Christ. Much is at stake.  And that is a big deal.  And that makes me nervous.  But He is big.  And He is good.  And He is in control.  And that is why my nervousness about Easter is turning into anticipation.  I am anticipating God doing amazing things.  After all, if he raised a man from the dead, he can do anything.

We are praying.  We are working. We are inviting as many people as we can.

You want to be here.  Don’t come alone.  It is as simple as saying something like this to your friends and family:

“Hey, not sure if you guys are open to going to church this Easter, but I go to MCC and would love for you to come with me.”

Worse case:  They say no.

Best case:  We get a shot.

See you Sunday!


PS – This is a picture from Easter 2008.  I can’t divulge the content of Easter 2010 because your mind would explode from the awesomeness :>

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One thought on “Why I’m Nervous About Easter

    annnnnnnnnd assuming the answer to that….I'll be looking forward to watching the DVD soon after Easter :-).
    God bless! I pray there are people lined into the parking lot to hear God's words thru you!