Will You Use the Song “Healer?”

image A question for the worship leaders who frequent resonate:  Do you plan on using the song “Healer” in your worship gatherings?  I am very interested in your feedback. 

For information on the song “Healer” by Mike Guglielmucci, check out this post.

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10 thoughts on “Will You Use the Song “Healer?”

  1. Hey Scott,
    saw this post and read the story about it
    It is really unfortunate, not only for him but all the people who now feel slighted or cheated for believing Him. The song itself is a powerful declaration that brings hope and builds faith- In my opinion, it’s one of the better songs Hillsongs has put out in a while. However, I am a little hesitant to use the song because I know the background story- but the message that the song conveys is truth- and the truth is truth regardless of the messenger. Most of my congregation wouldn’t know this background controversy, so my qualms about singing this song are close to none; if it ministers to someone- it’s worth it.

    It saddens me deeply to know that worship leaders and ministries think they need to build up some sort of “hype” or “story” to be effective and efficient.

  2. I used it this weekend knowing full well the back story. But the way I see it is, the song declares something powerful and trure about God… He is our healer and nothing is impossible for Him.

    And in reality, how many people in our local congregations have had the time to research or even hear about the song’s backstory?

    Also, I think the song is even more appropriate for its author now because he will need God’s healing power more than ever as he tries to pick up the pieces of his shattered life which includes his wife, parents, in-laws, work associates, people he has ministered to in the past… the list is almost infinite.

    If God only used perfect vessels to communicate the gospel, I would never have been called into ministry.


  3. I’m probably more inclined to sing it now. Musically this song never resonated with me, excuse the pun. But now I’d love to do this song with the entire backstory, just gotta work on a new arrangement. Most members of my church have no idea about this song or the story, so it’s tempting to just ignore it, but I think addressing it and using it to illustrate the power of the cross could be amazing. Still bouncing it around in the ol noggin though.

  4. No, I won’t. It, to me, is a reminder of how off our perspective is when it comes to worship leaders. We’ve made them famous, and that fame is seen by many as something to aspire to, which is the exact opposite of what we’re reminded of in Philippians 2. Michael got caught up in the trap of fame, and we’re all partially to blame for giving him a culture of “Christian stardom” to want to strive towards.

  5. Sam, do you play any worship songs from “famous” worship leaders? I agree that “Christian stardom” culture is not a good thing, but I think that is combatted in teaching, discipleship, preaching. If you try and fight that by song choice, then I guess you have to play songs nobody’s heard of all the time and that can’t be good for unity in worship can it?

  6. I would use it. Nowhere does it say any of the Christian singers are perfect. We use Tomlin. He’s not perfect. We use Crowder. He’s not perfect. On and on it goes. Mylon Lefevre wrote “Without Him” for Elvis and made millions but was living a lie. Now that the whole story is known perhaps Michael can now know for certain God is the Healer.

  7. I truly believe that God “gave” Michael this song – not for him to sing through his faked time with cancer but rather for this moment, right now. This moment of shame, devastation, and embarrassment. There is not a worship song in existence that could more perfectly state what he needs to be focused on, personally. God is still my healer. And he’s still Michael’s healer.

    I’m planning on introducing the song is October.

  8. We have never used the song “Healer” in our worship gatherings. It was on my short list of songs to introduce and now has made it’s way to the top of the list.

    I think that message of the songs is all too powerful to put it aside and make it into someting that God “shuts out”. The truth and power that it conveys are very inspiring and heartfelft. What this man went through is something that we may never know and understand. But he acknowledged that he knew the only One who could heal him was God, whether that be from cancer or pornography.

    I think the message of the song still resonates to anyone dealing with an addiction, illness or other spiritual “cancer”. Also…I feel that Mike transparency in the situation is very commendable. Sure…it’s unfortunate that he gave into this temptation that consumed his life, but how awesome is it that the grace of God is still extended to him. God works all things out for the good of those who love Him, and the same will be true in this situation as well.

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