Worship Play by Play

From Blue Fish TV.  This was brought to my attention from my friends at blogworship.com.  Enjoy.

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One thought on “Worship Play by Play

  1. Something about this really rubs me the wrong way and I think it’s this – what’s their point? It’s not really satire or sarcasm because they’re not making any point! They’re just causing us to laugh and mock sincere worshipers and congregational worship. And trust me – I’m not a stuck-up dude. This just seems like a bunch of guys saying “Hey! Let’s make a funny video!” I mean this seriously – is anything sacred enough to not be mocked in the church (because we’re so “relevant”)? I’m all for satire that points out our own hypocrisy or challenges us to make needed changes but this video seems to have no purpose. Feel free to slam me and tell me to relax!