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image Anne Jackson is a blogger and honest follower of Christ.  Anne posted some great thoughts on the Hypocrisy of Worship.

Seems like we are all wrestling with the same thing; is God as tired of our songs as we are of singing them? Aside: check out the Tired/Orphan Blood song here.

Don’t get me wrong: corporate worship has a place. Hey, I make part of my living leading worship :> It is biblical, but I don’t think God’s dream is getting lullabied (is that a word?) while fellow humans are suffering. Are we singing and doing nothing else with our lives? That’s not called worship, that’s singing songs.

At exchange, we are contemplating a new series called “Live Like We Sing” (thanks Shawn). So, my question to you:

What phrases do you feel like we keep singing in our songs? We may take some of those and address what it would really mean to live like we sing. Please comment below!

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One thought on “worship the worship

  1. “Break my heart with what breaks Yours.” “Here I am, send me.” “I give You my all.” “Take my heart/life/mind.” “In all I do, I honor You.” Just to name a few.