09.10.06 evaluation

exchange line up for 9.10.06

1. All to You
Imagine video (Imagine Missions)
Welcome/Ann – Shawn
Jody – crash report from last week
Shawn – Prayer
Scot – Blessed Life #1 (quick interview with Jack)
1. King Makers
2. Nothing without You
3. Let my Words Be Few
4. Facedown
5. How Great is Our God
6. Sweetly Broken
7. Let the Praises Ring
8. Here is Our King
Dismissal – Scot
Band instrumental

Pretty good night. On “All to You” and “Let the Praises Ring,” I’m not sure that we (the band) fully dropped into the pocket. Then again, if I think that we can play them like Lincoln Browser, I am fooling myself. Even without locking in those songs, we were still able to worship and the room was chocked full of people at the altars and different worship spaces.

I don’t think the opening worked well. Going from song to video lowered the energy and coming from the video to announcements was rough. The video ended with a text and no music, then straight to announcements, making it tough to swing into announcements with energy. I like to go to the announcements with the room energetic. I should have known better.
Songs 2-5 flowed like a well oiled machine and smooth transitions.

We had to axe #8 for time, but all was good. I was not sure about the placement of that song anyway. On to next week!

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