Funeral Visitation and Ice Cream

No bitterness after fatal wreck says father:

Last week we lost two boys in a tragic accident.  Noah Worthington was a friend of Madison, my youngest daughter.  Yesterday Madison and I went to the visitation.  She spoke with Noah’s parents.  I wanted to speak with them but I could not.  I was a mess.

We walked around the room, looking at pictures and videos.  Madison talked about Noah and some of their experiences.  We stood next to casket and said goodbye.  We cried.  Together.

Afterward we sat on a bench and shared an ice cream.  Together.  We talked about death, life, family, friends, and memories.  Together.  It was a terrible and great evening.

And we did it together.




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5 thoughts on “Funeral Visitation and Ice Cream

  1. I’m just a mess reading that article. Fragile! Life is FRAGILE!
    Madison is blessed to have such a man to experience this tragic loss with. Unceasing prayers are going up for the Worthington and Roberts families.

  2. I dont even have words but I know I need you, your family, The Worthington Family, The Roberts Family, and all others affected to know what God has laid on my heart. ~Trust in Him, lean on Him, and love Him with your all, He is the Ultimate Healer of pain, sorrow, grief, sadness, and will turn it all to comfort, happiness, joy, and blessings ~

  3. Together, that is what it is all about.  I am so thankful that Madison has a dad that loves her and will walk with her through the great and not so great times.  Way to go dad.