8 Must-Haves for a Worship Leader. Part 2

In the first part of this two-part article, we explored the idea of loading the worship leading toolbox with some items for getting the job done. Here we continue with the final four pieces that I see as essential in worship leading hardware. Drum-roll please.

4. Online chording sites. Maybe you have the gift of picking songs up by ear. If you can listen to a tune and scratch the chord on paper after the first pass, allow me to speak a word to you on behalf of those more musically challenged: we hate you. If you are like me, you can nail a few chords, but that’s about it. And forget about trying to figure out the chords during band practice. Been there. Done that. Got a headache. My sites of choice are Praise and Worship Archives and Rockin’ with the Cross. I just started using Rockin’ with the Cross. I had avoided them because it is fee based. After a while I figured I could spend $35 per year for a subscription and stop beating my head against the wall. Rockin’ usually have the charts I need when I can’t get them anywhere else.

5. Powerpoint. Eveybody has it. You need it. There are some other presentation programs out there (we are currently switching to another platform), but Powerpoint is the standard. It is possible that she may one day be replaced. If so, most new platforms will import Powerpoint files.

6. Basecamp. File sharing and collaboration have saved us countless hours and tons of money. We set up a Bascamp account and our leaders (worship and other ministry leaders) all collaborate on-line. I put my teaching notes online as I work on them. Our art team looks at the notes and create art based on the theme and my notes. Have a great idea for Easter and it’s now October? Put it on a document in Basecamp (called a “writeboard”) and others can add and comment. No more sitting around the table trying to be creative. Plus, it’s open 24-7.

7. Google online spreadsheet. Another time and money saver. On this spreadsheet we keep the weekly schedule. Who is playing each instrument, when band rehearsal is, the song line up, any special videos, etc… . All the nuts and bolts of the worship gathering is there. And since it is shared online, it is always up to date and always open.

8. Bible and Life Journal. If this was all I had, this would be enough. God speaks deeply through his Word. Life Journaling makes it easy to read a few chapters each day and journal some thoughts. This daily discipline has transformed my life. When my quiet time gets out of whack, the rest of the tools do not function properly.

8.5 Instant messaging. We’ll throw this in as a bonus! I will IM with some of my worship chums and we sometimes get the creativity rollin’ through the roof. When I get jammed up on a songlist or chord, or need another opinion, some creative brains are just a click away. Be careful here – this could turn into a time-waster if you take too many rabbit trails. Focus!!!

There you go! Certianly not an exhaustive list, but these are my “must haves.”

So, what’s in your toolbox?

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2 thoughts on “8 Must-Haves for a Worship Leader. Part 2

  1. Liked the lists, I use a lot of the same tools!

    One thing I would recommend over Basecamp, though: Google Groups. It’s free, and if you are already using Google Docs for schedules, etc.. then it just makes it easy. No new passwords for praise band members to memorize!

    It lets you do almost all of the same things – I actually stripped out some of the features just to make it easier for my folks to use.

    Thanks for all you do!