Abortion scars?

Yesterday at Maryland Community Church, we kicked off our “Scars” series. We explored the subject of Abortion, answering these questions:
1. What does God think of abortion?
2. How do we get healing from the scars of abortion?

You can listen to the podcast here.

If you are dealing with some of the aftermath of an abortion decision, I highly recommend that you seek out a Christian counselor. If you are in the Terre Haute, IN area, contact Community Christian Counseling.

If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and unsure where to turn, contact out friends at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. They are staffed by trained professionals who can walk you through some next steps.

Next Sunday, we continue the Scars series with a look at abuse.

photo by whatmegsaid

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3 thoughts on “Abortion scars?

  1. last Sunday was one- that has been a deep secret, at times it come up ,but I push down again. Long stories short- I was married to a man in Calf. in the ’70”s Yes ,drugs so many things. I came home to terre Haute. (Before I left Calf. I found God.) That !he did not like so I came home. to T.H. He soon move back here and things did not work out.I did not want to go back to the life I left there . I – long stories- sue for diovce ,he move back to Calf. THEN the phone rang !!!! a called Calf. my BEST FRIEND- whom he been staying with – this hard to say- I had sons .she girls Her daughter told her mom that he had been and was abusing her.for years OUR lifes was a mess bad for all of us in many ways my friend I did not talk for year this change every thing and a -long stories lots of secrets did we do that right things???years later my sisters twins who are 12 yrs younger said that he abuse them also when they were 7??? not know he had before . in 80 when he left I thought at the time it was done he was out of my life and my boys,but he did get caught and turn in and he killed himself what a mess things were all the secrets are all still there ?????????????????????????????????????? I was in and out of my walk and still it so many secrets???????????????????????

    • Sounds like you have had a very rough time. I am sorry for that. Are you in a place where you are able to talk to some people and maybe get some healing for some of the trauma of the past?

      • It is hard shame – that I even love some one that could do such a thing. I think HOW could he do this , how could I not know or ??????????????/