Anger is Good

image  When Saul heard their words, the Spirit of God came upon him in power, and he burned with anger.  – I sam 11

The spirit brought anger.  God made Paul angry.  Doesn’t it seem like we are taught to avoid anger?  A Christian always has a mild temperament.  He may be a bit frustrated, but he doesn’t get angry, right?  Could it be that God has been stirring up people to be angry and we have avoided it because we have been sissified?  

Like Randy Stonehill writes, “We need some angry young men . . . ones who will not bow from a fight.” (From Angry Young Men.)

Maybe we need to let our anger rise.  Not to sin in our anger, but to allow God to guide our emotions.  

Maybe our goal is not to have level emotions.  Maybe it is to have those emotions controlled by the one who made us.

What is making you angry?

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2 thoughts on “Anger is Good

  1. Seeing sin tear apart families and marriages in the church makes me angry. Our male leadership takes our discipleship very seriously with husbands and it pains me and angers me seeing men worship idols, commit adultery and lead their family into destruction. Men we can't be afraid to have a "up in your face" type counseling session with husbands who willingly destroy their families.

    It angers me ever more when I see churches going out of their way to defend, protect and restore "gifted" male leaders who tore their family apart, abused their authority and disregarded accountability while entirely ignoring the wife and kids. It's almost like they are acceptable collateral damage to the church as long as that "gifted" man is able to get back into ministry. I probably sin in my anger on this one. As Woody Allen said, "I'm fuming darling, I'm fuming!"

  2. I love this!! It probably,inspired John Eldridge to write the “Wild at Heart”series. I serve a “Loving,Warrior God”who didn’t create passive,sissified door-mats!! We’re “lovers and Fighters”…action w/o passion is an act of futility!! As it says in a song by Triumph,”Fight the Good Fight,’s the only way”!!