Are you a dream-maker?

Meet Emilda.  She is a Compassion International child.  She is 18 with the mental capicities of a 3-year old.  And she is FAST.  So fast in fact, that she has quallified for the Special Olympic Summer World Games in Athens, Greece.  Her getting there would be a dream come true.

Problem:  Emilda lives in poverty.  She cannot afford to travel from her home in the Phillipines to Greece.  The cost for her and 2 sponsors is high: just under $20,000.  It is a dream that is too far out of reach.  Or is it?

Solution:  People like you who want to see a dream come true and watch a poverty stricken, mentally challenged young woman run.  Fast.  To date people have contributed almost 1/2 of the money needed.  If you would like to kick it and be a dream-maker, click here.

Check out Emild’s story here and here.

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