Are you tired?

image Dale Swineburn from the International Mentoring Network posted a great article on personal energy.  Dale says:

How can we become more energy efficient? Research has shown that it usually follows the things you enjoy doing with your time, those things that really energize you, are usually the things that are allowing you to use your talents the most.

The beauty of it is this, when we are using our strengths we aren’t expending energy but generating it. That’s efficiency. Imagine a car that didn’t just use small amounts of fuel but instead generated fuel.  By spending our time operating in our strengths we are increasing our stores of energy, not depleting them.

To see the entire article, click here.

Here is my personal takeaway:

1.  What energizes me?

2.  What depletes me?

3.  How can I get my staff positioned in what I call EGM(Energy Generating Mode)?  And yes, I just made that up. It’s my blog.



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2 thoughts on “Are you tired?

  1. In response to point 3 positioning staff, Andy Stanley’s recent leadership podcast is on Mutual Submission and talks about how to serve those who work under you. There are some good suggestions.